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main“This Is The Last and Only Jump Rope You Will Ever Need To Reach Your Fitness Goals!”

Because jumping rope uses nearly every muscle in the body, it requires a great amount of energy even over a short period. Burning energy equates to burning calories and fat, plus you’re building speed, endurance, and coordination.

The JRP1’s extra-long, hi-visibility red cable is 10 feet long so it is adjustable no matter how tall you are, yet the rope and handles weigh under 3 ounces allowing for ultra-fast spinning.

HiSpeedBearingsThe lifetime hi-speed ball bearings in the handles enable you to spin the rope so fast you can do double unders or even triple unders with no trouble.


cableadjustmentThe cable is made from braided galvanized cable that will NEVER break and it threads through brass inserts in the handle to provide spinning without wear on the durable acrylic handles which are themselves impervious to abuse.


cableadjustment3The stainless steel cable adjustment clamps have thumb screws that allow for quick adjustments while figuring out the ideal length for you, and then they can then be locked down with a screwdriver. Rubber end caps seal the cable to protect you from the wire strands.

The JRP1 improves endurance and coordination for all sports like: Baseball, Basketball,Football, Soccer, Swimming, Boxing, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Fencing, among many others. With the portability of the rope you can take it with you when you travel to keep up your fitness goals.

ebook 3dComes with the FREE book “Beginners Guide to Jump Rope Fitness” to teach you how to use the rope.

With a 100% Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty all risk is eliminated so why not try the JRP1 now by clicking Add to Cart and ordering today.


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